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You Didn't Have To (2023)

Short Story Collection in development

You didn't have to visit this website to learn about Stefanie Barnfather's second book of speculative shorts... but you wanted to. Admitting it is the first step, then you can inquire about this book.


This collection of alternate reality what-ifs navigates a not-so-utopian society where the rules are summarily dismissed and comedy is the only safe haven.*

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
THEMES: Alternate Reality, Twisted Humour
CONTENT WARNING: sarcasm, irony, unfavourable parallels made to current societal issues

YDHT Fake.jpg
FALL 2023 Release

A Solitary Story (2024)

A Novel in development

In a retreat to escape from a world on the brink of destruction, seven people have the chance to make a real difference in each other's lives - except they don't know that the others exist.*

GENRE: Dystopian, Science Fiction
THEMES: Manipulation, Oddball Personalities
CONTENT WARNING: violence, death, some mosquitos don't make it

ASS Fake.jpg
SUMMER 2024 Release

Crown of the Canopy (2025)

Book 1 of Series in development

After the cataclysmic events of 2173 - The Great Upheaval - twenty-year-old citizen of the Canopy, Nina Genfift, is offered a career within a new branch of government. As she takes on challenges that test her inner strength and force her to come to terms with her originality, Nina fights for the continued growth of a society that is being picked apart from within by renegades. She must carry the burden of being special and decide if she will accept the responsibility that comes with having to rectify the mistakes of past generations.*

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Futuristic Dystopia
THEMES: Identity, Strong Females, Self-Doubt
CONTENT WARNING: violence, blood, assault, drug use

CROWN1 Fake.jpg

Crown of the Cardinal (2026)

Book 2 of Series in development

This is where the description of this book would go if we didn't live in a reality where goons steal summaries and feed them to AI monsters to mass reproduce. Sorry, friends! Three unregulated years is too far away for yours truly to feel confident sharing the book plot. 

It's good, though. Really good. Totally worth the secrecy - and the wait. 

GENRE: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Futuristic Dystopia
THEMES: Ha! Not telling.
CONTENT WARNING: Unpleasant stuff. Start working on your tolerance.

Ms. Barnfather's books are works of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to persons and/or events is coincidental. The author in no way represents the companies, corporations, brands, or historical figures mentioned in her short stories, novels and book series.

Cover art is currently designed by Ms. Barnfather using Canva.

 All rights reserved.

These ideas and concepts are created without Artificial Intelligence.

*these books are Works In Progress - all content is subject to change at the author's discretion without warning or notice

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