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I love indie authors! If you like supporting self-publishing writers too, check out my February reads.


"Dutiful soldier and devoted family man Callum Renwick fights to defend his country from the two opposing nations sharing its borders. Following a brutal attack on his unit, he wakes up in the underground laboratory of a well-known mercenary organization. The leader of the Midnight Scorpions, Dr. Dane Zedek, informs him he was the sole survivor of the attack, and his hometown and loved ones were obliterated by enemy forces. As he processes the news of his loss, he leans he has been badly injured, and Zedek and his assistant have supplanted half his body with artificial skin and cybernetic parts.

"Zedek intends to train Callum to become a lethal assassin for him, designating the woman who coordinated the attack as his first target. While he prepares to exact his revenge, he is assigned to the care of another agent in the Scorpions' base. Ro is brash and outspoken, yet aspects of her character remain enigmatic. Despite declaring personal relationships useless in the cold, cruel world in which they live, she invites herself into Callum's bedroom more nights than not. In her coaching, she pushes him physically, emotionally, and sexually to mold him into the killer the organization desires.

"During his quest to hunt down his nemesis, more and more of Callum's biological body parts fail and must be replaced. In addition to dealing with his grief, he struggles to come to terms with his new appearance, functions, and responsibilities. Will he be able to transform himself into what Ro and the Midnight Scorpions need, yet still retain his humanity?"

Get your copy of DISINTEGRATION.


"1688, Britain.

"Her father slain by cruel pirates, beauty Lone Stafford becomes a pirate herself at the behest of her father's hidden privateer marque that she's commanded to resume on his behalf or find herself imprisoned by the British Crown. In her quest to lure her father's killer to justice, Lone becomes stranded aboard the Slayer of the Dragon, a pirate ship captained by her father's worst adversary, Hunter Draylin. She enlists Hunter's reluctant aid, desperate to unbury Jonathan Stafford's horrifying treachery and his killer, a quest that ferries her down a prickly path of destruction.

"Hunter Draylin fights a war against his lustful, seduced heart. If he falls for Lone, he risks betraying his own father's memory, for he knows Lone's father as the Red Raven, a brutal brigand who killed his father in a ruthless search for a shipwrecked treasure that no pirate possesses the exact crypt for. Torn by his starvation for blood vengeance he's never to receive and hungry to possess Lone and keep her lying in his bed, Hunter questions her innocence of the Red Raven's tyranny. Is he a fool to trust her? Alas, his lust for Lone becomes too alluring for him to forsake. He cannot resist her.

"Lone battles blood-lusting pirates, swiping murderous swords, all while frenzied for Hunter's seductive caress, a rakish rogue whose own past lies cloaked in mysterious shadow, a pirate she cannot refuse who has the key to her desirous heart. Will she survive the betrayal forged by exposing the nefariousness surrounding her or will devils reign divine and she'll never grasp her one and only chance to romance a pirate, all owing to the venomous curse that webs a lost treasure in a blood-tinctured shroud of death."

Get your copy of ROMANCING A PIRATE.

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