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I love indie authors! If you like supporting the self-publishing industry too, check out my January reads.


"There is no greater adventure than that of Fatherhood -- but William is about to embark on one adventure that might just rival it.

Having been entrusted with his late father's pride and joy, The Grace -- a classic sailboat, William has quite the quest ahead. He must leave the comfort and familiarity of his everyday life to embrace the spray of the sea, the balance between the tumultuous fury of the forces of the world and her grandest display of natural beauty, to challenge his own fortitude and resolve in a way he has never done before.

What lies before him is the journey of a lifetime -- a 1,600-mile sailing experience from the cold, autumnal American Northeast to the turquoise waters and white sands of the Caribbean, and back again.

William is full of doubt and fear at the magnitude of the quest that lies before him. However, with unexpected help and support along the way, he should be able to survive the journey; after all, he reasons he has survived Fatherhood relatively unscathed, with only a few bumps and bruises, and nothing can be harder than that. Can it?

But with difficulties and challenges come rewards, and William has his eyes set on one: a beautiful, mysterious island, as detailed by his father. Finding it will mark the utmost measure of success and is how William will determine his own self-worth -- not only as his father's son, but also as his children's father.

To fail would be catastrophic."

Get your copy of BECOMING DAD.


"Liz, a paralegal from New York, has all but resigned herself to a life of mediocrity. When she reluctantly agrees to attend a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, she decides that her life is ripe for change, and she breaks her engagement to her lacklustre fiancé, Peter, who seems more interested in video games than becoming an adult.

Ben, a screenwriter from California, is about to change his own life by selling his screenplay at a meeting with a business executive in Las Vegas. Moments before he departs for the meeting, his wife blindsides him with divorce papers.

The two meet at a chance encounter in Las Vegas, and pretend to be married to each other to avoid the advances of other would-be suitors; this farce snowballs into another evening, and finally they are faced with the task of acting as a married couple for the entire weekend and have to admit that they might be developing feelings for each other. But are their feeling based in truth or have they just gotten caught up in the theatrics of the weekend?"

Get your copy of JUST ONE NIGHT.

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