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Stefanie Barnfather

Canadian Writer

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Speculative Short Stories

Stefanie Barnfather's first book of speculative short stories has just been finished! If you are interested in ridiculous circumstantial 'whoopsies' in futuristic dystopian societies, support @stefbarnfather on Instagram - she is currently seeking representation.   

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These stories are really weird. 

I love them!

M. Barnfather -

Book Fiend

Beta Feedback

Your writing style reminds me so much of [insert awesome author here]. Can't wait to read more.

B. Lyall -

Advanced ELA Educator/Editor

These are strange. I laughed, and then I cried, and then I was angry, and then I had a lot of questions. Is that what you were going for?

J. Gilbert -

Drama Educator

Oh my god.

A. Lyall -

Dystopia Lover

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About the Author

Check out Stefanie Barnfather's bio!

 It's thrilling, with many plot twists -

including betrayal, romance, a car set on fire

and a wistful protagonist gazing out at a turbulent sea. 

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